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Are your carpets really professionally cleaned?


8 September 2015

For your carpets to be properly cleaned or to be professionally cleaned, there are a few steps that the cleaner need to follow:

  • There must be a pre-inspection to determine the soiling conditions, carpet construction and if there are any permanent stains;
  • The carpet is then vacuumed with a commercial (not household) vacuum cleaner to remove bonded, insoluble dry soil;
  • Furniture is moved if necessary;
  • Spots are now pre-treated;
  • Traffic lane treatment is applied to heavy traffic areas if required;
  • Your carpets are now pre-agitated with a rotary cleaning machine to further loosen soil;
  • Once the soil is loosened, the hot water extraction cleaning method is applied and this will thoroughly flush the pile of the carpet.  The pressure and heat are regulated to prevent the carpet from getting too wet;
  • Post-spot treatment is now done and possible permanent stains are identified;
  • During post-grooming the carpet pile is set in one direction to aid in drying.


If the above steps are not followed, your carpets are not deep cleaned. You may be fooled by the appearance of the carpets as they will surely look clean and beautiful, but re-soiling will appear very soon due to the fact that the dirt has not been fully extracted from your carpet.


Deep cleaning not only ensures that your carpets are indeed clean right through and that re-soiling will not occur, but if you deep clean it regularly, the quality and beauty of your carpets will last.


27 September 2015

Types of Soiling

Three types of soiling are found on carpets whilst a fourth type would be combinations of the three types of soiling:

  1. Dry soil
  2. Water soil
  3. Oily soil
  4. Combinations of the above (e.g. water & dust = mud)

These soils may be present in any of the three levels in the carpet:

  1. Soiling on the surface
  2. Soiling present in die mid-pile
  3. Soiling held in the backing of the carpet

Spots and Spills are the most visible dirt on carpets. Most complaints about appearance of carpets concern spots and spills.


Spots and stains

A Spot: Can be removed with the correct removal procedures

A Stain: Permanently damage or changes the colour of the carpet fiber